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Do you aspire your kid to become an engineer or scientist, however want them to be stress free while preparing for  High School or Entrance exams for IIT / MIT/ Stanford 

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Mathematics/ Numeracy

Curriculum created with research to take the students one level ahead of others and give them a stress free future where they are always ready for all types competitions

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

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3rd to 5th Grade


Full Course In Depth In 88 Live Sessions With Expert Teachers

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6th to 8th Grade


Full Course In Depth With Expert Mentors

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English -Reading, Writing And Speaking

Students explore language conventions, grammar, and vocabulary to strengthen their understanding of language mechanics They also focus on communication through speaking and listening

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

What Our Curriculum Includes

88-110 live sessions covering complete curriculum in depth

Access to more than 100 tricks and definitions to help in competitions

Access  to more than 70 recorded sessions for each grade

Access to more than 150- 500 worksheets curated with deep research

 Regular assessments and revisions classes

Free doubt clearing sessions with experts

What Makes Our Curriculum Different?

Classes that are designed to enhance their analytical approach 
Access to more than 150 tricks and definitions to make calculations faster 
Assessments and revision classes to ensure they have 100% hold on the topic
Interactive and story based sessions where students can have fun while learning 
Focus on reading, interpreting and understanding normal statements to mathematical equations to make them confident

About the Course Creator

Course creator and founder of Way To Succeed, Jaspal Kaur is a passionate and ambitious personality with an experience of 15 years with different multi-national companies.  While she did her post graduation in Master of Computer applications, she completed "How to learn Math" certification from Stanford University Canada. After taking more than 6000 classes and helping students from India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Canada, she has created this course that will make the roots of the subject strong and remove the stress of preparing for competitions among students.

What Do Our Students Get

Develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Classes are designed to challenge students to think critically and solve complex problems

 Build a strong foundation in math concepts

Strong conceptual knowledge helps the student in remembering the concepts for a long time. Our classes are designed in a manner that students understand how to apply these concepts in real life as well

Enhance analytical skills

Analyzing things deeply before reaching a conclusion is an important skill that is required in our lives. It is important for understanding the parts of situation,  scrutinize  and breakdown factsWhen it comes to math student needs to analyze the situation and then think of the solutions that they must apply 

 Tips and tricks for faster calculations

Traditional way of teaching math gives long formulas to memorize hence makes it tough to remember and time consuming. Whereas competitive exams judge the students time management and quick problem solving skills. 

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Frequently asked questions

Way To Succeed is a platform which prepares students for the new era, where students can relate their learning with real life, which makes it more logical and enjoyable for the students and they are able to retain the concepts throughout their lives.

Besides covering the complete syllabus taught in schools, we ensure the students are well prepared in the Numeracy part for comeptitive exams like NAPLAN, OC and enterance test for selective schools. Our curriculum is designed on the real world application of math which builds a strong foundation of concepts in an interactive environment and hence take Math learning at an advanced level. Our practice questions and regular assessents are based on the format that can cover all needs of a student in all kinds of math tests

You can use Chromebook/ Laptop or desktop to take the classes, however we recommend using a laptop or desktop. Students are not allowed to use phone for the class